Cafe Nueva counts its coffee beans and celebrates new line of easy open-easy pour pouches

Three years after its launch, Fairtrade coffee brand Café Nueva is celebrating a healthy increase in sales and a new packaging line as it sets to occupy an increasing share of the coffee market.

As the most expensive vending machine ingredient, wasting or spoiling even 100g of coffee impacts on an operator’s bottom line. Knowing this, Cafe Nueva’s manufacturers have made its freeze dried products available in new easy open-easy pour resealable pouch packs, a bonus for operators who are working to reduce product wastage and increase efficiencies.

Café Nueva has witnessed a significant sales increase which the brand credits to the coffee blend’s excellent value for money, choice of blends and fair and ethical certifications. With a 70 per cent increase in sales year on year, Cafe Nueva consumers are proving their love for the coffee isn’t waning. 

Martin Armitt, marketing controller at Aimia Foods, comments: “There is no great secret to the success of Café Nueva, we are simply offering fantastic quality with attractive branding, packaging and support services.  For example, the pouches make it far easier for operators to open and pour, ensuring an easy transfer from pouch to canister. Even the tiniest amount of freeze dried coffee can be saved in a dry, sealed pouch ready for the next fresh refill, reducing the tendency to throw any away.   

“What we are seeing is greater realisation amongst the vending market that serving coffee out of home no longer requires household brand names and machine throughputs can do just as well using new exclusive brands like Café Nueva.”

Café Nueva offers a complete range of coffee to suit every palette and every pocket and includes the largest choice of fair and ethical certifications including options for Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, Organic and Fairtrade Organic certificated products.

The range includes Espresso and Freshbrew products, as well as catering lines and retail jars. It’s availability in high end food retailers such as Waitrose, Booths and Budgens demonstrates the demand for the niche brand against aggressive competition. Its competitive price offers excellent value for money and vending operators choosing Nueva can also receive complimentary branding kits and sales support material.

Cafe Nueva was created following the discovery that 67% of shoppers find the differences between the fair and ethical schemes out there confusing, and that 90% felt that combining multiple certifications in a single product would make ‘doing the right thing’ far easier and more convenient*.

Visit for more information or call manufacturer Aimia Foods on 01942 408600.