Cadbury partners Cocoa Life and Fairtrade


cadburyCadbury has announced a new global partnership between Cocoa Life and Fairtrade with the aim of driving greater scale and impact for cocoa farmers and their communities.

In the UK, five times as much Cadbury chocolate will now be made with sustainably sourced cocoa. Cadbury and Fairtrade will now work together on new innovative programmes to enhance the future for farming communities. In addition, Fairtrade will work with Cocoa Life to develop farmer organisations and enhance the understanding and reporting of the programme’s impact on cocoa farmers, their families and their communities.

By 2019, all Cadbury chocolate in the UK and Ireland will display the Cocoa Life branding, symbolising the adoption of the programme across the Cadbury range. As a result, the selected Cadbury Dairy Milk products that were previously Fairtrade certified will no longer carry the Fairtrade Mark.

This significant expansion of Cocoa Life, combined with Fairtrade’s independent involvement, will give consumers the confidence that whenever they buy a Cadbury chocolate bar they are helping cocoa farming communities to thrive, making a real difference to people’s lives.