CA Vending joins the EVA

CA-Vending_LogoCA Vending is a German network of  vending operators. The merger of a number of long established operators into one coherent vending grouping has allowed the businesses to combine their experience and ideas for premium vending. By unifying under the one umbrella, consumers are able to benefit from the uniform appearance of the group and have only one contractor. CA Vending provides a range of vending solutions, always striving for the utmost quality in appearance, products and with a variety of hot beverages.

Erwin Wetzel welcomed CA Vending as a new member of the EVA, and stated: “Starting in 2015, the EVA has encouraged national vending operators to become a direct member of our organisation. I am glad to see CA Vending – a significant player in the German vending market and an existing member of the German Vending Association (BDV) – join the EVA, which will certainly open up new networking and information exchange opportunities with other industry experts.”

Michael Maurer, the CEO of CA Vending (and also EVA Board Member) explains his reasons for joining: “We live in a Europe without borders and the EVA is the important European association for our industry. CA Vending is one of the leading operator groups in Germany and we need contact with European suppliers and also with other European operators to see how they work. EVA has this network for making contacts and friendships all around our industry. The EVA lobbying work with the European Institutions is also important to make sure that we get the latest information about new or changing laws first hand. We can say to other European Operators: come to the European Vending events and join the EVA!”

CA Vending is based in Hamburg and joins the EVA as a Supportive Member (National Operator).