Byotrol Surface Sanitiser from Aqua Cure

Already the recipient of an award from the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology, Byotrol has a unique formulation that enables it to remain effective after it has dried making it much, much longer lasting than bleach, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol based sanitisers.

Ideal for coffee machines, drinks dispense or indeed any kind of vending machine, Byotrol’s patented formulation combats microorganisms chemically (as with other sanitisers) but also physically, using something Byotrol call an Amphicelle. In layman’s terms, the Amphicelle structure not only physically pulls microorganisms apart but it also holds the other biocides in place after Byotrol has dried, which is why it’s so effective long after other sanitisers have stopped working. This two pronged approach means that the ‘chemical’ element of Byotrol’s formulation need not be as aggressive as bleach or peroxide and as such, Byotrol is a great deal safer to handle than either and yet is still more effective.

Bearing this in mind, Aqua Cure hope you can see why they’re so excited about this product. Calling it a ‘hygiene revolution’ isn’t just marketing spin, this is a genuinely new method of combating microorganisms.

And the price for this groundbreaking new product? Aqua Cure think you’ll be pleased to hear that pricing will be competitive with existing peroxide based sanitisers.

For information on pricing or a copy of the relevant MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet), please contact Aqua Cure on 01704 516916 or at