Broderick’s support vending innovation

Broderick Logo on whiteThe Broderick Group has announced that it is to sponsor the ‘Best Machine Innovation’ Category at The Vendies 2015 in Manchester.

“We’re delighted to sponsor the Best Machine Innovation category,” MD Johnny Broderick said. “Innovation has always been paramount in our own business strategy and it dominates our plans for the future. It’s something that we’re totally committed to in our drive to improve the end user’s vending experience.

“Innovation is the driving force in the re-emergence of vending in the work place and public locations as a retailer as well as a service provider,” Johnny continued, “It’s vending at another level, or v-commerce, as we like to call it. The emergence of digital touch screens, with data platforms merged with the simplicity of new payment technologies, incorporating dual currencies and credit and mobile payments – as well as apple payments and PayPal – are at the kernel of the Broderick Group’s continuing success.

“There’s much more to come in terms of incorporating data retrieval, improving machine efficiencies; augmented reality, loyalty apps, iris and facial recognition; machine interaction and social media rewards. That’s why we’ve decided to sponsor the Best Machine Innovation category as AVEX and The Vendies return to our home city.”