Broderick’s teams up with Mars to launch first university loyalty app

Broderick’s has partnered with Manchester Metropolitan and confectionery giant Mars to launch the UK’s first loyalty app aimed at university students and staff.

The app shares notifications of Mars product launches introduced at Broderick’s vending machines in return for loyalty rewards, competition prizes and freebies.

Customers will also be given the chance to vote for their favourite products to be given a spot in Broderick’s vending machines. Mars receives real-time intelligence about sales and customer buying habits.

John Broderick, MD, said: “This initiative is set to redefine the vending sector and propel its brand marketing potential to a whole new level. It brings exciting customer engagement opportunities and meaningful data on customer preferences in 21st century vending.

“Our app is equipped to give the brand owner, Mars in this instance, a real perspective of the vending market and provides a great testbed for all product lines with real-time, live data opportunities – yet another first for both Broderick’s and the UK vending sector alike.

‘’There’s no better launchpad for new products as it ties in with both the customer’s purchasing preferences and also dovetails with social media platforms and our own bespoke Broderick’s Media Vend advertising channel too.”