Britons drank 3.2billion litres of bottled water in 2016

Industry figures from Zenith Global, released by British Bottle Water Producers reveal that bottled water consumption in the UK rose to 3.2 billion litres in 2016, up from 2.9 billion litres the previous year.

The UK bottled water market is now worth £2.4 billion and is largely made up of natural waters – that is natural mineral water and spring water. Natural mineral water accounts for 45% of the UK market and spring water for 40%. Still water is still the favourite with 85% of bottled water sold in the UK being still and only 15% being sparkling.

Total UK bottled water production stood at over 2,700 million litres in 2016 and consumption per head exceeded 50 litres in the year 2016. There is, according to predictions by Zenith still room for growth: water consumption is projected to rise to 73 litres per person by 2021.

Jo Jacobius, director of British Bottled Water Producers, said: “The trend towards products that promote well-being continues and water plays an important role in a healthy diet. Many people are of course aware of the fact that bottled water not only tastes good but is also calorie-free and tooth-kind. In the fight against obesity, bottled water makes a valuable contribution.”

Growth in the sector during the past 30 years has been significant. The sector stood at sales of just 20 million litres (including water coolers) in 1976. In 2016 the sector exceeded the three billion litre mark for the first time.