Brita maps out the impact of water on the perfect cuppa

Brita Professional has released a water map showing the water quality and mineral content for 11 major UK towns and cities, which reveals the extent of the impact water has on the consistency of tea and coffee.

The water map helps operators understand their water and how it can be optimised to provide consistent quality in the cup. It was developed by Brita Professional in conjunction with Jane Pettigrew, UK Tea Academy, and Matt Beynon, Wogan Coffee.

Gary Norwood, business account manager, Brita Professional, said: “It’s simple to determine the hardness of your water with our temporary or total hardness test kits, which ensure you have the right water filtration solution in place.

“Ensuring you have the right water filtration solution is not only key for the taste and appearance of your tea and coffee, but keeps your machine in peak condition too. And the first step is understanding the particular characteristics of your water supply. Often people think because their water is soft they don’t need a water filter, but soft water still contains minerals which can have a drastic effect on the taste of your hot beverage, which a filter can fix.”

Ms Pettigrew adds: “Tea brewed in optimised, filtered water is crystal clear, and allows the sweetness and complexity of the flavours to shine. The adulterants in non-filtered water dull the brightness and clarity of water, and kill the flavours. The difference that water quality makes to tea is clear to see and taste.”

Mr Beynon said: “I’m always being asked why coffee tastes so different depending on where it is served. After fantastic, well-sourced, roasted and crafted coffee, water is the most important ingredient in your cup. The effect on taste and appearance is striking. Coffee made with non-filtered water lacks the clarity, character and depth of a great cup of coffee, and can result in a coffee lacking in the expected qualities.”