BRITA launches Kick Out the Cow Campaign

Water filtration specialist BRITA Professional has launched ‘Kick Out the Cow’ – a campaign to promote the taste benefits and profit potential of the long black.

While cappuccino was once king and latte loved by the masses, the most discerning of coffee drinkers want to taste the main ingredients in the cup: coffee of course.

As a really good long black is made from 99% water, that’s where BRITA comes in. BRITA filters water to ensure coffee looks, smells and tastes great, guaranteeing your customers the perfect experience with every cup of coffee.

Anthony Spruce, Sales Director BRITA Professional, explains: “At BRITA we love the long black. So much so that we’re kicking out the cow (though not literally, we love cows) and getting other frothy coffees to mooo-ve over. We know consumers choose coffee because of its taste and aroma – and our filters make sure your coffee looks and smells great.

“By using a BRITA filter and kicking out the cow we’ll make sure consumers really taste the coffee – and cut the calories. A long black has on average a staggering 95% less calories than a cappuccino.”

Over the next few months BRITA will be setting up a number of trials with operators to see if consumers agree and are looking for recruits to help champion the long black.

Operators who would like to take part in BRITA’s coffee trials (at no cost and in return for positive PR exposure) should call 0870 487 0900, email,