Brilliant for public environments

A rugged pushbutton, which features a unique mechanism to protect it against harsh use and vandalism, has been developed by EAO. Behind the lens of the Series 56 pushbutton is a snap-action switching system that protects itself from damage. It guarantees that a stable force is always applied to the switch unit independent of the one exerted on the lens. Even if the pushbutton is struck hard, the switching unit is protected.


EAO’s technology is claimed to outshine many other products on the market because it avoids the problem of ‘no actuation’ zones: it produces excellent tactile feedback even when pressed at the edge. This feature is clearly advantageous for operators young and old and is especially beneficial for disabled users.

At the front, there’s a strong 34mm dia. aluminum lens that is wide enough to be activated by palm. The extra surface area allows more space for defining function, thus reducing the chance of accidental operation. A beveled, raised symbol can be added to the lens, which can even be illuminated in a different colour.

A halo of LEDs can be fitted around the lens for operation in dimly lit environments or simply to add more emphasis to a control.

The Series 56 features protection to IP67 against water and dirt ingress. With flush-mounting, it creates a tamper-proof unit that will resist abusive operation.

Braille and raised symbols

Among the Series 56 range are single and double-sided-pushbuttons and indicators; a pushbutton that mounts without the need for fixing screws; a glass-mounting pushbutton; secret-until-lit indicators; and pushbuttons with Braille and raised symbols.

They are suitable for a wide range of environments – security and access, public information and emergency call points, pedestrian crossing controls, heavy duty vehicles, lifting and moving applications.