Brewer knows when the coffee’s fresh

Maxibrew Freshcup is a new bulk filter coffee brewer from Marco Beverage Systems, which is programmed to dispose of stale coffee after a pre-determined time, avoid the risk of inferior quality coffee being served to customers. Marco believes that the move is an industry first, which will go a long way to improve the quality of filter coffee served out of home.
The bitter taste of stewed coffee is not acceptable to today’s customers. The problem is that busy staff do not always remember to dispose of stale coffee and brew a new batch. The new Maxibrew Freshcup twin urn bulk coffee brewer does it automatically after a pre-determined time. The brewer is fitted with a variable timer that will automatically dispose of stale coffee mixed with cold water into the plumbed drain. The holding time can be altered at the discretion of management. Once the coffee has been dumped, the machine follows up with an automatic rinse cycle to remove any remaining stale coffee oils from the urn, before a new batch of coffee may be brewed. As a precaution to avoid running out, coffee from one urn will only be dumped at a time when a new brew is available for service in the other.
The Freshcup is designed to brew coffee to the quality standard established in the Gold Cup programme by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). Twin 11.5 litre urns offer full and half brew facility with the option of simultaneous brewing. Once a new batch of coffee is brewed, it is kept hot in a twin-walled insulated urn surrounded by hot water. This is a gentle way of keeping the coffee hot whilst maintaining the quality and taste with minimal degradation over the holding period.
Chris York, Marco’s UK Sales Director, explained: “With the best will in the world, it is the easiest thing to allow coffee to go past its best. This machine controls coffee quality totally throughout the brewing and holding process. By investing in the Freshcup, caterers can be sure they will never again suffer complaints of stale coffee.”