Bravilor urges security review following break-in

Bravilor Bonamat is bouncing back following a major burglary that saw the removal of tens of thousands of pounds worth of beverage equipment, plus major damage to CCTV and server hardware. Now back in business following a two-day shut down, the company is urging others in the industry to take immediate steps to ensure that they are not the next victim.
Bravilor’s headquarters in Maidenhead, Berkshire, was targeted by a professional gang who lifted manhole covers outside the building to access and disable BT telephone lines, including the Redcare monitoring services linked to the intruder and fire alarm systems. Detecting a Redcare service interruption, police response was swift. However, no break-in was detected at that point and the incident was logged as a false alarm.
Having successfully disarmed the building, the gang then returned the following day, removed the remaining external audible alarm and continued to clean out the stock, damaging vital operating equipment in the process. “These types of attack are not uncommon and manhole covers are therefore a weakness for all businesses,” warns Bravilor (UK) Managing Director, Keith Baldwin.
“We strongly advise all companies to revise security arrangements as a matter of urgency and to contact the management company or landlord to have these vulnerable access points secured by BT Openreach. Learn from our experience and be prepared because next time it could be you.”