Bosch HQ powers the workforce

The Bosch Group is renowned for producing innovative and extremely reliable automotive and industrial technology, together with a range of power tools and household goods.  So, when it came to feeding its workforce at the company’s UK headquarters, it had to reflect the manufacturing giant’s high standards.
Over 700 staff across the Denham site in Buckinghamshire, and 174 staff at the St. Neots site in Cambridgeshire use 7 Day Catering’s facilities – to make food and refreshment purchases at various locations, such as vending machines, kiosks, restaurants and coffee kiosks.
After a competitive tendering process involving the Bosch Group’s shared service division and HR Director, 7 Day Catering was awarded the catering contract.
7 Day Catering currently serves some 2,000 meals per week at the Denham site alone, and Bosch was keen to offer its workforce not only great tasting food, but healthier options too.  All hot meals are calorie counted, and the site offers 7 Day Catering’s Healthy 4U choices, which are specifically designed be lower in fat and salt.
Tapping into the grab and go, and coffee culture has meant that 7 Day Catering really is catering to the needs of the worker.  For a real top notch coffee fix, there’s Costa Coffee, the 24/7 side of the operation is covered by a range of vending machines offering bean to cup quality coffee, snacks and confectionery.
The Bosch Group chose 7 Day Catering’s catering service after careful research into the eating habits of its workforce and found its tailored approach refreshing.
Joanna Hudson, Corporate Communications Manager, Robert Bosch, commented on the implementation of the catering service: “The Bosch Group is renowned for the reliability of its products so it was vital we introduced a catering service that reflected this. We had to get it right.
“The 7 Day team really make the mealtimes a breeze, we have a huge number of people descending on the restaurant for breakfast and lunch, and the potential for something going wrong is high.  However, we know we can totally really on the catering team to deliver to a high standard.  Having access to the operations manager is incredibly important to us, and knowing they are not spread too thinly means that we can call them with any problem and it will be sorted out quickly.
“We felt confident that what they were saying they would deliver, and in reality that has definitely been the case, they are very flexible and understand the dietary needs of our staff.”
When the group assessed how important reliability is for catering facilities, its response was simple, yet conclusive. Joanna concluded: “It is essential, probably the most important aspect. Cost also has to come into it, but catering that’s reliable is paramount.  A speedy throughput of customers especially at peak lunchtime hours is very important.
“We would recommend 7 Day Catering. The catering team is reliable and flexible, they are consistent and customer focused, and most importantly, the food is fresh and appealing.  On the operational side, their communication skills are excellent, and really feel we are working together as one team.”