Bettavend vending machines switch to 3M water filtration

Bettavend automatic vending machines for hot beverages and cold drinks have been changed over to using 3M ScaleGard Pro water filtration systems from Pelican Technical Solutions for their advantage of protecting equipment from the detrimental effects of scale build-up and minimising corrosion at the same time as removing excess chlorine and other unpleasant tastes and odours from drinks.

“We changed to the 3M solution following a visit to their headquarters at Bracknell, arranged by Pelican, where we gained a greater insight into how their various products could help improve and ensure consistency in the quality of our drinks,” said John Ferguson, MD of the Southampton vending machine supplier and operator.

Another benefit was being able to change the ScaleGard Pro’s scale prevention cartridge as quickly as a light bulb, reducing the cost and effort of keeping vending machines working like new while producing great tasting beverages.

“Both Pelican and 3M were prepared to go the extra mile to ensure we were happy with their total water treatment solution,” added Mr Ferguson.