Bensdorp Barista selection opens up the market for Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut Beverages has boosted sales with its range of Bensdorp’s Barista Single Origin Cocoa and Chocolate drinks, 12 months on from the original product launch date.

The provenance drinks were introduced by the leading beverage manufacturer last year in a bid to mirror the artisanal positioning taken by leading coffee suppliers and to present the ultimate beverage for the hot chocolate connoisseur.

Introduced as perfect for use in the HoReCa market, the selection of unique and original drinks, made from the finest, sun-dried cocoa, has gained a following in high end café bars and boutique, independent outlets where customers expect a more sophisticated and individual offering overall.

Head of sales for Barry Callebaut Beverages in the UK, Paula Bentley, said: “Demand for premium chocolate is high at the moment with provenance and single origin offerings being among the most popular as the trend towards artisan chocolate production continues.

“Bensdrop’s desire to champion the authentic and original makes these drinks current and extremely relevant as today’s customer wants the opportunity to make a more memorable, significant choice.

“While there are many benefits to blended beans, certainly in terms of volume and supply, the fact that the single origin cocoa drink is uncommon, with its distinct and powerful aromas and tastes, makes it an experience in itself.”

There are three drinks currently available in the Bensdorp’s Barista Single Origin range. All are roasted, ground and milled to perfection, and blended with pure cane sugar, requiring the sole addition of steamed milk. They also contain three and a half times more cocoa, on average, than the typical hot chocolate drink.

Each of the beverages has the unique characteristics and attributes of its cocoa bean’s country of origin, providing a whole new world of flavourful possibilities for product applications, and is sustainably sourced. The drinks can also be directly linked to specific sustainable certification programmes including the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, Organic and the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.