Benders continues to invest in high speed machinery

Benders has taken delivery of a new high-speed cup forming machine as part of the company’s continued investment in the growth of the business. This new high-speed machine will not only build upon Benders’ reputation for quality, engineered products but is also part of the company’s longer term strategy to invest back into the business.

Following extensive trialling during the Christmas period, the Benders operations team is now running the machine at full production, improving both output capability and flexibility across the business.  Integrated into a robotic automated packing system, the new state of the art machine will develop both capacity and process automation in the Wrexham factory.

Operations Director, Steve Granville commented, “The new high-speed machine is running efficiently and meeting all of the businesses anticipated goals.  This particular investment has allowed the business to consolidate short run production to other machines, improving Benders ability to respond more readily to the needs of customers.”

Benders recognises that lead times have become more and more crucial as demand has grown. By investing in the high-speed machine lead times can be kept to a minimum and flexibility built into the manufacturing process for customers.