Barry Callebaut’s releases new dessert drink

Barry Callebaut Beverages UK has launched its latest delicious dessert drink, Caprimo Speculoos.

Paying tribute to the famous Belgian biscuit, the drink has a butter sweet taste, combining rich biscuit notes with cinnamon and ginger to provide an evenly balanced, satisfying, full-bodied taste experience, pleasing to all of those coffee and choco drink lovers who like to try something new.

The popular hot drinks manufacturer is aiming to reach a wide audience with this latest product by providing its customers with the opportunity to customise the beverage, adding more coffee to the mix for a cappuccino or more chocolate to provide a mocaccino Speculoo option.

Head of sales for Barry Callebaut Beverages UK, Paula Bentley, explains: “Allowing customers to effectively mix their own drinks is a complete upgrade for our vending clients and operators. It opens up the market for them to new customers, with a single drink providing many opportunities. We are now inviting our customers to test the Caprimo Speculoo in a bid to take their hot beverages offering on to the next level by upgrading their vending range.”

The Caprimo Speculoo is the latest flavour to be added to this favourite range, which currently includes the award-winning Caprimo Crème Brûleé.  With more consumers keen to try fresh alternatives to the usual hot beverage offerings, the Caprimo range has increased in popularity over the last two years, enjoying unprecedented sales success.

In the Caprimo tradition, the Speculoo contains superior quality ingredients; it comes in convenient 1 kg bags and is manufactured to the highest market standards. Reflecting consumer trends and current tastes, all of the drinks in the Caprimo range have been created to present a unique experience, as well as an exciting novelty. Leading with great value for money, consistent quality and stable operating functionality, the range is a perfect fit for a whole host of vending partners.