Barry Callebaut Academy opens doors to UK beverage customers

barry cBarry Callebaut Beverages hosted the first Van Houten Beverage Academy in Sweden last month. This new centre of expertise endorses and supports its pledge to collaborate with its customers, allowing them to play a key role in the development process of their new beverages. Customers have the opportunity to create their own signature drinks under the tutelage of the Academy’s team of experts. Using the institute’s cutting-edge analysis software, customers will be educated, guided and supported as they create their own individual, stand alone beverages.

Customers from the UK, who travelled to Kågeröd to attend the opening ceremony, were able to sample some of the gourmet beverages that the experts in the Academy are able to create and to enjoy a full tour of the new centre and its facilities.

Andy Chilvers, operations manager for Connect Vending, travelled to Sweden to attend the launch. He said: “It’s very rare for suppliers to go to the lengths that Barry Callebaut does to keep its customers happy and to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction. We now have the opportunity to play a part in the manufacture of the products that we are selling which gives us complete autonomy when it comes to the sales process. The Academy is a bold, forward-thinking initiative which I imagine will be well-received across all sectors.”