Azkoyen reveals

Visitors to the Vending Paris show will have noticed that Azkoyen Industrial chose the event to reveal for the first time, the range of machines from Coffetek, acquired last year, and to launch the Vitale, the new range of hot beverage dispensers for the OCS market.

Three models of the Vitale range were revealed – Vitale Espresso, Vitale Espresso + 2 (soluble products) and Vitale Instant  (soluble products).

A small, state-of-the-art, semi-automatic coffee machine, Vitale has been  designed to meet the needs of any office, meeting room, waiting room, hairdressing salon, rural hotel, etc. It can prepare up to seven high quality coffee and chocolate specialities (black coffee, long coffee, coffee with a dash of milk, white coffee, cappuccino, chocolate, and milk chocolate).

Fault diagnosis system

Vitale shares the same components as the high performance Sienna range: a guarantee of quality and reliability. The machine is easy to clean thanks to its modular construction and direct access to key components, and is equipped with a fault diagnosis system.

Ingredients can be easily reloaded on the top of the machine, and the waste tray slides out easily for emptying. A four litre water tank on the side is easy to remove and fill, although Vitale can also be connected to the water mains supply by means of a kit.

Vitale was accompanied in Paris by the whole Coffetek range for the OCS and horeca segments, namely the Neva 3, Neva 4 and Miniexcel in instant versions.


The launch of the new Tempo series was the highlight of the table–top coffee machines sector. A panel has been added to these units with LED lit decals and chromed direct selection buttons, lit in line with the successful Sienna series. The instant and fresh brew Coffetek Geneva TT models were also on show.


The Azkoyen Palma, Brisa, Mistral and Sienna series were also to be seen. The Brisa and Mistral series, robust and reliable machines which guarantee product area cooling to 3º C on all trays, has been credited, in accordance with the consumed power measurement system of the European Vending Association, as A+ in tropical conditions. Optionally, both series can be fitted with a product collection lift and they can operate autonomously with the payment module, or as a slave module if they are connected to a Sienna hot drinks distributor.

The payment modules are constructed in 1.2 mm galvanised and aluminium plate with steel buttons, making the machines among the sturdiest on the market, to minimise the effects of vandalism.

The Coffetek fresh-brew and instant machines – the Geneva and the new Nexus – were also to be seen.