AVA and Save A Cup

The AVA has released the following information on Save A Cup:

“The objective was to establish a recycling platform for the trade which was independent of subsidy by the trade, and run on a commercial basis funded by charges made to clients for the service.

“The issue that Save A Cup faces is that charges to clients currently do not cover operating costs because there are not enough clients. The AVA has sold their shares in the company for a nominal sum and have retained their ownership of the name and the domain names which they have leased to the new owners. This is to ensure that we have a measure of control in the way in which the company is marketed to the end users etc.

“The Environmental Charge will remain in place for one year to help fund the transition after which it will become voluntary and two major brands have indicated that they wish to continue paying it.

“We need this company to continue to ensure that we get no interference from government in this area and we have managed to ensure that the industries contribution to Save A Cup ends in a year’s time. This means the Environment charge will end on 1st October 2011

“Shilling Mergers Ltd. has committed an investment of £250,000 to the company to re-launch it as a ‘not for profit’ enterprise in partnership with the ‘Big Issue’ and using Remploy in any depot activity.

“Shareholders included Mars Drinks, Autobar, Bunzl, Sodexo and Selecta, as well as the cup manufacturers, raw material providers, and big players in the industry such as Nestlé, Unilever, Tetley, Linpac, Aimia and Premier Foods.”