Attractive outlook for Beauty drinks

The global market for beauty drinks is niche but growing, with demand being driven by a greater appreciation of the role that nutrition plays in beauty.

A study by Zenith International estimates that global sales of ready-to-drink beauty drinks reached 144m litres in 2010, a 2.9% increase on 2009 and 29% up on 2006, taking overall global market value to €1.1bn.

“Beauty drinks were originally aimed at more mature women looking for anti-ageing products,” says Zenith senior market analyst Charmaine Holmes. “With broadening social pressure to look good, anti-ageing regimes are starting at an earlier age. This has led to the introduction of brands targeting younger women, including some specifically for acne reduction in teenagers and for early skin care and protection among young adults. For more mature skins, we’ve come across anti-wrinkle, skin firming and plumping products.”

Growth in the beauty drink market has been impacted by the economic downturn but Zenith forecasts that, as the global economy recovers, interest in beauty drinks will be reignited and the market is expected to reach 185m litres by 2014.