Aimia foods samples a host of products on stand D18 at Vendex 2011

Aimia Foods is launching a new product and plans to tempt visitors with taste testing on stand D18 at Vendex 2011. Already the market leader in skimmed milk for vending machines, Aimia will be unveiling brand new product developments in its granulated milk range, under the well-known and respected Milfresh brand.

If that’s not enough to tempt visitors, Aimia is inviting event-goers along to the stand for the following taste testing opportunities across Aimia’s coffee and soft drinks brands:

  • Taste the Cafe Nueva range of coffee.  Launched in 2009, Café Nueva has gained extensive market share in vending thanks to its broad range of blend and price options.  The brand is designed to appeal to ‘every palate and every pocket’.  Cafe Nueva can save most vending operators about 20% off their annual coffee bill on average, savings that can run into £thousands 
  • Get a boost while walking around Vendex with a taste of the exciting No Fear Extreme Energy drink.  With its unique re-sealable top, high impact branding and attention-grabbing logo, the drink is instantly recognizable in vending machines
  • Try three flavours of Zing, the new school-friendly drink in a can. It accounts for one of the five a day too, so make sure to grab a sample to take away!

With Aimia’s experts on hand throughout the day to help and advise, and plenty of Milfresh merchandise to take away, it’s definitely worth calling in at stand D18.

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