Adding style with new illuminated switches

A selection of new industrial actuators for Series 61 switches is now available from EAO – the expert partner for human machine Interfaces.
There are many new options for flush-mounting actuators in standard mounting sizes. Most importantly, they can be fitted with different types of illuminated lenses that will create an attractive halo-style glow, a laser-engraved symbol, or a central spot. The illuminated symbols are an excellent way to enhance the aesthetic design of a control panel and improve the industrial ergonomics.
There is also an aluminium dome lens which is available in blue, green and red. It is ideal for public use applications that require an attractive pushbutton to focus the user’s attention – a ticket-issuing machine, for instance. Finally, there is a new 30mm mushroom-head pushbutton that is useful for palm-push operation switches, the type which are found on emergency-help points and access control machines.
These new options are an efficient way to create an exciting new control panel, or update an existing panel with a more contemporary style without going through the process of a complete redesign.
EAO’s skilled engineering department can provide a comprehensive HMI design service. It will advise on electronic circuit and industrial design, front panel integration, custom marking, graphic design and colour matching, and provide rigorous in-house testing to international standards.