Abbeychart celebrates

Abbeychart is celebrating 15 years of successfully marketing its Mignon pressure reducing valve, having sold tens of thousands to date to the vending, soft drinks, water cooler and plumbing markets. The company says that this demonstrates how well the original design and engineering has performed against tough competition.
The Mignon PRV is at the heart of many different installation kits designed and assembled by Abbeychart. Compact and easy to install and operate, the unit is factory set to individual customer requirements and has a concealed adjusting screw for security.
The bespoke installation kits include non return valves, solenoid and ball valves, a flood prevention device and shut-off valve and hose. There are over 200 combinations and new versions are coming on line as required. The unit has been WRAS approved for over 15 years and now most European standards can be catered for and virtually any manufacturer supplied.
Abbeychart’s Managing Director, Steve Slark, commented: “We are able to source the right components to suit the application, thus keeping product price low in comparison but high in quality. We pride ourselves in the design and individual selection of the components to guarantee a perfect installation set for all mains water plumbed appliances. Our original PRV is still one of the best available.”
Position confirmed
Abbeychart has now confirmed the appointment of Steve Slark as its Managing Director. Steve has extensive knowledge of the pure water, control and instrumentation industries, and heads up a young and dynamic team of specialists to supply components and consumables to the espresso, vending, soft drinks and pure water industries.
“Abbeychart’s on-going investment in its growth over the past years has helped considerably to increase business,” said Peter Best, Abbeychart Chairman. “Our strategy is to keep ahead of customer demand, offering quality products from stock and ever faster delivery.”