A new way of printing

You may have noticed a new modern method of document printing if you’ve been to any of the major vending trade shows this year. Printbox is a global network of self-service document printing kiosks, that allow you to print documents from your phone, tablet, PC or other cloud platforms.

The Printbox kiosks are designed and shaped to fit in public places and are usually found at universities, libraries, malls, gas and bus stations, airports along with many other locations. Available for on the go customers, the kiosks allow you to print anything when you need it immediately.

Printbox was established in 2012 and can be found in 14 countries with 250 kiosks and 105,000 registered users.

A Printbox spokesman says: “Our success was also based on our online system, which is an advantage and benefit to users and kiosk owners. Users are allowed to save documents in their cloud account, sign into their account at any kiosk at any time and print files easy and fast.

“Our partners, who own the kiosks in another market, are also able to run, maintain, control/monitor, manage the whole business from a distance – from their phone or laptop. The whole system is web/cloud-based and is an online platform with mobile device access.

Printbox partners have the ability to see all needed real-time information such as user database, printing and income statistics, telemetry of the kiosks as well as paper and toner levels.

“These are the main reasons, why more and more consumers are using Printbox kiosks to print their documents,” the spokesman says.

Printbox exhibited at Venditalia 2018 and CeBIT 2018 in June 2018.