A blockbuster appearance for Westways Vending

westways-bridget-jonesOccasionally Westways Vending is asked to supply vending machines for special events and promotions. Recently these requests have included a drinks vending machine for the launch of a new canned beer, and a snack vending machine for a romantic comedy film set in an office.

When Westways was approached about helping out on another film set, the Hailsham-based operator took it in its stride – little did they know that they were about to be part of the blockbuster of the year!

Westways engineer Stephen had the task of delivering the snack vending machine to the film studios. Imagine the excitement when he phoned to say he was on the film set of Bridget Jones’s Baby! Disconcertingly, he also told Westways that the company was sworn to secrecy until the launch.

All this happened back in November last year, and Westways has been anxiously waiting to see whether the machine made it into the film, or was left on the cutting room floor. They knew that it was located in the waiting room at the maternity unit, and it was a brilliant moment when it was spotted in one of the Facebook trailers.

Westways Vending can’t wait until Friday 16th September when the whole team will be attending the first day’s screening. The reviews indicate that it’s going to be a brilliant night out!