7th International Exhibition of Vending Technologies and Automatic Services

VendExpo 2013 – an international exhibition of vending technologies and automatic services – is one of the most anticipated events in the world of vending. It is quite natural as development of automatic retail in Russia is among recent economic matters nowadays. According to the statistics in Russia there is one vending machine for 2200 – 2400 people. While in Japan where vending services are most developed there is one machine for 23 citizens, in the USA this rate goes up to 35 people and in European countries one vending machine serves 110 consumers.

Doing a constant research of world’s trends and innovations in vending business, VendExpo Show annually represents most up to date achievements in the field. Not only traditional directions of coffee and snack machines are in favor but also new for Russian market machines such as milk trade machine or fast pizza making machine. Hi-tech and innovation products of payment systems, information and service terminals, vending equipment, software, security systems are just few lines of vending business that will be represented at VendExpo in 2013. New for Russian market automatic service is going to be offered on the upcoming show as well.

Exhibitors of VendExpo are both leaders and newcomers, representing innovative and nonstandard solutions for vending business from all around the world. The Show is visited by owners and CEO of small and medium business, individual manufactories, managers, investors and representatives of municipal bodies.

VendExpo pays a great attention to popularization of vending. Annual business-forum «Vending as a concept of business development in modern economic environment» covers most important issues in vending business and attracts to participation a lot of interesting specialists from Russia and abroad. High level of interest to the forum in 2012 shows an increasing need of specialists to share their experience and knowledge.

Such major sport International events as Olympic Games 2014, World Students Games 2013 and FIFA World Cup in 2018 will attract hundreds and thousands of foreign visitors to Russia. I.e. development of infrastructure is becoming one of the most urgent matters and vending can become one of its key business. Having established a reputation of stable and profitable business worldwide vending has all chances for development in Russia. Its level of profitability is about 15-20 % and its range of goods for sale can be really wide. It’s worth to note quite important positive changes in the industry regulations in 2011 and 2012. All these along with relatively small starting investments give vending industry wide opportunities for development.

Thereby VendExpo exhibition is not just a platform for business communications and attraction of new clients, it is also a ground for perspective growth of small and medium businesses in Russia as a whole.

VendExpo-Russia 2012 main figures and facts:

  • 85 most famous brands from17 countries;
  • About 86% of exhibitors presented new products;
  • More than 3500 of visitors-specialists from 25 countries and 61 Russia regions.

Contact information:

Website www.vendingexpo.ru