3M Guarantees Quality Water for Artisan Coffee Venture, Harris+Hoole

Harris+Hoole is fitting out its high street coffee stores with 3M Reverse Osmosis filters to keep water mineral content at optimal levels

Bracknell, UK, 14 November 2012 – Diversified technology company 3M announced today its Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration systems have been selected by Harris+Hoole to help them deliver great tasting beverages to customers, every time.

A ScaleGard LP2-BL Dual Port Reverse Osmosis System from 3M is removing limescale and providing purified water at the debut store in Amersham and in stores recently opened in Uxbridge and Ruislip.

Explaining why the artisan coffee shop chain uses water filtered through 3M’s Reverse Osmosis system, Harris+Hoole director Andrew Tolley said, “This gives us the optimum mineral quantity for getting the best flavours out of the coffee. If water is too hard, or has too many minerals, then the coffee will taste flat. We monitor the reverse osmosis filtration system daily to make sure the water is at the ideal level.”

Tolley had previously used 3M Reverse Osmosis systems for the successful London coffee shops Taylor St Baristas, and he worked closely with 3M to provide feedback about its products for further improvements.

At Harris+Hoole, a single RO filtration system is used at each coffee shop to prevent limescale build-up and provide optimal quality water to expresso machines, Bunn bulk brewers, water boilers and flash steamers. These are all expensive pieces of equipment to buy and maintain so eliminating multiple filtration units represents significant cost and time savings for the coffee shop chain. The system’s capability to provide two water qualities for speciality coffee and flash steam applications will also help the coffee shops become more energy efficient, while keeping equipment downtime and servicing to a minimum.

During the coffee making process, the RO-filtered supply is recombined with a controlled quantity of mains water to maintain a consistent mineral composition as the starting point for great-tasting coffee.

“We’re delighted to extend our cooperation with Andrew Tolley following the success of our filtration systems at Taylor St Baristas,” said Richard Scorer, Sales, 3M’s Purification division. “Harris+Hoole is an up and coming coffeehouse brand and by choosing 3M has set a precedent in the market for the ultimate high street consumer taste experience.”

An additional advantage of the 3M system is that the RO membrane and carbon cartridges can each be replaced easily at filter end of life, with no spill and no mess, which saves the cost of service calls and helps to boost productivity.

Furthermore, daily use of the ScaleGard LP2-BL Dual Port Reverse Osmosis System at Harris+Hoole will also contribute to reducing water consumption at each coffee shop, delivering savings in both supply and waste water costs compared to traditional RO systems.

For more information please visit www.3M.co.uk/filtration